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Action Phase

The Battle Round

1. Announce withdrawls/retreats

Nicholas, the attacker, announces he will not withdraw. Steve, the defender, declares he will not retreat.

2. Roll combat dice

Nicholas' Race has a special ability that modify combat dice if he chooses to spend 2 Trade Goods. However, he only has 1 Trade Good.

Both players simultaneously roll one 10-sided combat dice (the zero means 10 on the die) for every one of their ships involved in the battle.

Nicholas has 2 Dreadnoughts and a Carrier in the system. He plays the Into the Breach Action Card so each of his ships get +1 on combat rolls for rhis battle.

Unit Qty. Battle Special
Dreadnought 2 4 Can Sustain Damage. Battle value adjusted by 1 for Action Card
Carrier 1 8 The Carrier has no support Fighters. Battle value adjusted by 1 for Action Card

Steve has 1 Cruiser.

Unit Qty. Battle Special
Cruiser 1 6 Hylar V Assault Laser adds 1 to die roll. Battle value adjusted in table.

Nicholas rolls 2 dice for the Dreadnoughts...

They are both good. Nicholas score 2 hits. He does not need to roll for the Carrier.

Steve rolls 1 Die for the Cruiser...

Steve misses.

Steve must take 2 hits and he only has 1 ship. The Cruiser is destroyed.

Nicholas gets a Trade Good for a successsful Space Battle. He may also complete is turn by landing the 2 Ground Force units from the Carrier and invading the neutral planets. He gains 2 Trade Goods for that action and takes the planet cards for Lazar and Sakulag and places them face down in his player area.

Steve is up next.

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