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Action Phase

Nicholas and Steve are about to engage in a Space Battle. Nicholas is the attacker and Steve is the defender. We've already completed the pre-combat step. A Space Battle is conducted over several combat rounds until ships from only one player remain in the system. It is possible for there to be no remaining ships when combat rounds complete.

Each player reviews their Action Cards before battle.

Steve has the following Action Cards
Card Description
Civil Defense Receive 2 free PDS on any planet you control that has no PDS on it currently.
Local Unrest Exhaust any 1 planet in a non-home system and destroy 1 Ground Force on that planet. It reverts to neutral status if emptied.
Reparations Exhaust a chosen planet of opponent who has just taken 1 from you. Then refresh 1 of your own planets of equal or lesser resource value.
Strategic Bombardment Play in system in which you have War Sun and enemy planets: exhaust all planets. Then roll die: 1-5= discard this card 6+ = return card to your hand.

The only Action Card in his hand that is not a "Play as an Action" card is Reparations and it doesn't do anything to help in a Space Battle.

Nicholas has the following Action Cards
Card Description
Ghost Ship You get a free Destroyer in any wormhole hex that contains no enemy ships.
This is a "Play as an Action" card.
Into the Breach Choose 1 Dreadnought: all ships in its fleet get +1 to all combat rolls for the entire combat. The first 2 hits against that fleet must go on that Dreadnought.
Recheck Force reroll of any 1 combat die.
War Footing In 1 system of your choice, your fleet supply limit is increased by 2. At the end of the Status Phase, you must remove ships exceeding the Fleet supply limit.
This is a "Play as an Action" card.

Nicholas has 2 Action Cards which are beneficial to a Space Battle. They are Into the Breach and Recheck.

After the pre-combat conditions have completed, a Space Battle follows this sequence:

  1. Announce withdrawls/retreats
  2. Roll combat dice
  3. Remove casualties
  4. Execute withdrawls/retreats

The sequence (1 thru 4) repeats until only one player's ships are remaining in the system.

Continue the Space Battle.

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