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Action Phase

Nicholas activates the Lazar/Sakulag system and moves in 2 Dreadnoughts and a Carrier carrying 2 Ground Force units from Mecatol Rex.

A Space Battle begins. There are no PDS in range, but with the Cruiser, the Mentak can perform their special pre-combat effect.

The Mentak Special Abilities includes a provision where they may fire before cmobat begins from up to 2 Cruisers or Destroyers. Steve has a Cruiser present and will roll 1 Die. A Cruiser hits on 7 and with the Hylar V Assault Laser technology the Cruiser gets a +1 bonus on combat rolls. Therefore the Cruiser will hit on 6 or higher.

Steve score a hit and the casualty against Nicholas must be taken immediately.

Nicholas does not want to lose the Carrier and it's troops. He takes a Damage hit against one of the Dreadnoughts.

The Space Battle continues.

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