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Action Phase

Nicholas activates the Mehar Xull system.

He moves in the Carrier with 1 Ground Force unit from the adjacent system. It joins the Cruiser which was already there.

The same situation occurs as before. Steve has a PDS sitting on Mecatol Rex, which is an adjacent system. Since he has the Deep Space Cannon technology, he can fire at the arriving fleet in the Mehar Xull system.

A PDS "hits" on 6 or higher. Steve rolls 1 Die for the PDS...

Steve rolls an 8 and scores a hit.

Nicholas, the defender, chooses the casualty from between the invading Carrier and Cruiser. If he destroys the Carrier he would lose the attached Ground Force unit and cannot complete a planetary invasion. Nicholas picks the Cruiser to be the destroyed ship.

Nicholas can now resume his planetary invasion with the Ground Force unit on his Carrier. He invades the neutral planet. The planet card is placed, exhausted, in his player area. Nicholas also receives a Trade Good.

Steve's turn.

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