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Action Phase

Nicholas has a Command Counter left. He needs more Ground Force units to successfully invade Mecatol Rex. He has some Trade Goods and 1 unexhausted planet that has resource output.

Nicholas activates his Home System and also produces units. With his Trade Goods and available planet he can produce 7 units, has output of 3 available resources when combined with his Trade Goods. Since he's not producing ships his Fleet Limit is not relevant.

Space Dock Production
Unit Cost Qty Total Cost Total Unit Count Ship Count
Ground Force 1/2 6 3 6 0
Totals 3 6 0

Nicholas spends his 2 Trade Goods and exhausts the planet Coorneeq.

The units are produced at the Space Dock and must be placed on the planet it orbits. If Nicholas wants to move them to the other planet he will need to use a transport ship (Carrier or other) to do so.

Steve is up.

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