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Action Phase

Steve activates his Home System.

He moves the Cruiser from the Tequ'Ran/Torkan system back into his Home System.

He then plans to produce units at the Space Dock there. The planet Moll Primus has a resource output rating of 4. The Space Dock adds 2 and the technology card "Enviro Compensator" adds 1 more count to the availble production capacity. Total production capacity is 7.

Steve has no Trade Goods and has only 1 planet available for resources.

He collects 4 resources from the planet and adds 1 because of the "Sarween Tools" technology card. Total resource output available is 5.

Steve has 4 Command Counters in his Fleet Supply, setting his Fleet Limit.

Here's a snapshot from his Race Sheet that shows the production costs for new units.

There is an error in the printing of the Race Sheets. The actual cost to produce a PDS is 2.

In summary, Steve has 5 available resources, can produce 7 units and has a fleet limit of 4 ships. There are already 2 ships in his Home System so he's only able to build 2 more ships before hitting his Fleet Limit. Here's what he did.

Space Dock Production
Unit Cost Qty Total Cost Total Unit Count Ship Count
PDS 2 1 2 1 0
Ground Force 1/2 6 3 6 0
Totals 5 7 0

Steve exhausted the Moll Primus planet card.

Steve is done. Nicholas is next.

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