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Strategy Phase

The Imperial card is available and Nicholas does not ignore it.

Steve takes Technology for his first Strategy Card.

Nicholas takes Warfare.

Steve grabs the Diplomacy Strategy Card. It has a Binus Token on it which he converts into a Trade Good.

The Diplomacy card has 2 immediate benefits for Steve. First, he's fairly certain that Nicholas will attack him on Mecatol Rex, so he wants the protection this card provides. Second, this is a low numbered Strategy Card and it means he will takes the first turn this Round.

The Political, Logistics, and Trade Strategy Cards were not taken. They each get a Bonus Token added to them.

To summarize,

From this point forward, the player order, as determined by the Strategy Card numbers is:
  1. Steve
  2. Nicholas

The Strategy Phase is complete. Proceed to the Action Phase. Steve is first.

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