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Status Phase

New Command Counters and Re-Distribute

Each player receives 2 new Command Counters and places them on their Race Sheet. The counters on the sheet may be moved around.

Here is the distribution of Command Counters and Action Cards for both players.
Action Cards are hidden information in a real game but shown here for the tutorial.

Trade Goods, Command Counters, Action / Political Cards, and Technologies
The Mentak Colation The Barony of Letnev
Steve Nicholas
Action Cards Action Cards
Command Summit
Experimental Battlestation
Morale Boost
Political Cards Political Cards
Technology Technology
Hylar V Assault Laser
Deep Space Cannon
Enviro Compensator
Sarween Tools
Hylar V Assault Laser
Antimass Deflectors
XRD Transporters

Return Strategy Cards

All Strategy Cards are returned to the common play area and any idle cards are flipped back over to their active side. Note the Bonus Markers on the 3 unused Strategy Cards.

Advance Status Phase Token

For the 2-player game we use the Age of Empire variant. A marker is advanced along the Public Objective Cards during the Status Phase. When it reaches the "Mecatol Rex/Game End" Public Objective card the game ends (if it hasn't already ended by someone reaching 10 Victory Points).

The marker (we use a small glass gem) is now under the 3rd card.

Pass Speaker Token

The Speaker Token is given to the other player as the last step of the Status Phase. Steve now has the Speaker Token.

The game has not ended, we go to a new Strategy Phase and Round 3.

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