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Status Phase

The Status Phase proceeds as follows:

  1. Qualify for Public and Secret Objective Cards
  2. Game can be won in this step.
  3. Repair Damaged Ships
  4. Remove Command Counters from board
  5. Refresh Planets
  6. Receive Action Cards
  7. Receive Command Counters and Re-Distribute Command Counters on Race Sheet
  8. Return Strategy Cards
  9. Advance the Status Phase token by 1 card to point ot the next Public Objective Card. When the token reaches the Metcatol Rex Public Objective card the game is over.
  10. The Speaker Token is given to the other player.

Check Objectives

Each player may qualify for one of their Secret Objectives and one of the Public Objectives. Checking is done in turn order. The player having the Speaker Token checks first.

Nicholas accomplished 1 Secret Objective last round. He now checks if he has accomplished another.

He does not.

Here are the Public Objective cards that are in the Common Player Area.

Nicholas checks if he qualifies for any of these Public Objectives. He does. He qualifies for the Public Objective that reads "I control the planets needs tohave at least one of each of the 3 technology specialties." Nicholas added a planet having a red technology specialty this round, completing this objective.

Nicholas puts his flag on this objective and adds another point on the Victory Point track.

Proceed to Steve's Check of Objectives.

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