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Action Phase

Steve needs to add some planets to his empire. The only practical option he has right now is to produce units.

Steve activates his Home System.

Let's review Steve's Production Capability. The Space Dock is orbiting his Home System planet "Moll Primus". The planet has a resource output rating of 4. The Space Dock adds 2 to his production capacity for a total of 6 units.

Steve also has 2 Technology cards that apply to Space Dock production.

The Enviro Compensator technology adds 1 to the production capactiy, making the combined total production capacity equal to 7 units.

Sarween Tools adds 1 to the resource output.

Steve has 1 unexhausted planet, providing a resource output of 4. He also has 2 Trade Goods.

The total production resources is 6. When you add in the effect of Sarween Tools he has a total resource output of 7.

He has 3 Command Counters in his Fleet Supply on his Race Sheet. That sets his Fleet Limit. There are currently no ships in the system.

Here's a snapshot from his Race Sheet that shows the production costs for new units.

There is an error in the printing of the Race Sheets. The actual cost to produce a PDS is 2.

Steve has 7 available resources, can produce up to 7 units and has a Fleet Limit of 3 ships.

Space Dock Production
Unit Cost Qty Total Cost Total Unit Count Ship Count
Carrier 3 2 6 2 2
Ground Force 1/2 2 1 2 0
Totals 7 4 2

Steve spends his Trade Goods and exhausts his remaining planet before putting the units in is Home System.

Nicholas is up.

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