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Action Phase

Nicholas considers playing the Secondary Ability of this Strategy Card. He does not need to spend a Command Counter to perform this because he has the Speaker Token.

He has 1 planet each under his control having a red, blue and green technology specialty. Each technology specialty provides a discount on that color-related technology. The planet having the red technology specialty is exhausted and cannot be used for this discount however.

Nicholas has 3 Trade Goods and potentially 11 resources he could spend from his planets. He purchases the "XRD Trasnporters" technology. That's a "blue" technology card and he gets a 1 resource discount because he owns the unexhausted planet Arinam - which has a blue technology specialty. To purchase this technology he needs to spend 7 resources. He spends 3 Trade Goods, again keeping his total count of Trade Goods down so as not to give any to Steve in the next Strategy Phase, and he exhuasts the planet "Arc Prime" for 4 more resources.

The Strategy Card play is complete. Steve turns it over in his player area to mark it "Inactive".

Nicholas plays the next turn.

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