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Strategy Phase

Steve has the Speaker Token so he goes first. The game begins in the Strategy Phase. In this phase each player selects a Strategy Card and places it face-up in their own player area. After the player having the Speaker Token chooses a Strategy Card, the other player in the 2-player game chooses a Strategy Card.

Each player must choose 2 Strategy Cards. Beginning with the player having the Speaker Token, each player takes one of the available Strategy Cards and then the other player takes their turn in the same manner. After both players have selected 2 Strategy Cards, after 2 complete turns, the unused Strategy Cards have Bonus Tokens placed on them. There should be 3 unused Strategy Cards at the end of each Strategy Phase.

Steve chooses "Imperial".

The way the game is designed, the first player will take the Imperial Strategy Card in every game round 90% of the time because it yields an automatic Victory Point.

Nicholas chooses "Warfare". This Strategy Card is often an great choice early in the game when players are trying to expand and grow their planet based as quickly as possible. The Warfare Strategy Card allows a fleet to move twice.

Each player needs a 2nd Strategy Card, so Steve resumes selecting.

Steve chooses "Technology".

Nicholas chooses "Trade".

The Diplomacy, Political and Logistics Strategy Cards were not chosen. They each get a Bonus Token.

To summarize,

From this point forward, the player order, as determined by the Strategy Card numbers is:
  1. Nicholas
  2. Steve

The Strategy Phase is complete. Proceed to the Action Phase. Nicholas is first.

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