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Status Phase

Check Objectives continued

Nicholas reviews his Secret Objectives.

Nicholas qualifies for the "Keeper of Gates" Secret Objective! He reveals the card to his opponent, places it in the Common Area and receives the number of points specified on the card. It's unusual to be able to score a Secret Objective card in the first round.

Nicholas also checks if he can qualify for a Public Objective.

Nicholas is one planet short of qualifying for the Public Objective "I control the planets needed to have at least one of each of the 3 technology specialties". He needs a planet with a red technology specialty to qualify for this one.

He sees that he does qualify for the Public Objective "I now spend 6 Trade Goods". Nicholas has 7 Trade Goods. If he wants to claim this 1 point Public Objective he will have to spend 6 of those 7 Trade Goods. Nicholas decides the point is a good idea and claims this objective. He spends 6 Trade Goods and puts his flag on the Objective Card.

Nicholas gains another point.

Nicholas has another motivation for spending the Trade Goods during the Status Phase as he just did. Steve is playing the Mentak Coalition. You may recall that the Mentak Coalition is permitted to take 1 Trade Good away from their opponent if the opponent has at least 3 Trade Goods, during the Strategy Phase. By spending down to have only 1 Trade Good left, he avoids giving Steve a free Trade Good next Round.

Continue the Status Phase.

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