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Action Phase

Steve also reviews his starting situation. Here are his Secret Objectives.

He's going to have to grab several of the nearby systems to accomplish the objective where he has to control 6 planets with technology specialties.

It will take some effort to get a good foothold onto Mecatol Rex for the next objective. He'll have to build a Space Dock there too.

The last 2 objectives are similar and involve his take-over of 5 and then up to 10 non-home planets.

Cruisers move pretty fast so he could get some ships into these interesting systems and project some "force" until Ground Forces arrive.

Steve begins by activating the "Mehar Xull" system. It has one of the planets nearby that has a technology specialty. A Command Counter was removed from his Command Pool on his Race Sheet and placed in the system.

He then moved one of his Cruisers from out of his Home System into the activated system.

That completes Steve's first turn in the Action Phase for Round 1. Play resumes with Nicholas.

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