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We're going to follow a 2-player game of Twilight Imperium III being played by players named Steve and Nicholas. Since our purpose here is to teach, as much as possible the individual steps will be described with text and often with pictures.

There are no official 2-player rules for Twilight Imperium III. This is a variant based upon ideas taken from a posting to Board Game Geek by Roland Wood on 7/26/2006. Here's a link to his original article. His variant forms the basis for how we will play a 2-player game. Note that the variant posted by Roland Wood is itself derived from a 2-player variant also published to Board Game Geek by Aaron Tubb. Aaron's original post from 07/15/2006 can be found here.

Sections pertinent to a specific player in this game will be clearly identified by unique text.

This is sample text for the player Steve.

This is the sample text for Nicholas.

A note about navigation: There are forward/backward links in the 4 corners. Use the "Next" button to continue forward through the tutorial. In situations where you have to make a choice going forward, no corner link is provided. Instead a standard web page link is provided for each choice.

Before we begin we will review the variant rules we'll be using for a 2-player game.

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