Edit History
Date Description
01/30/2009 The wrong planet card was shown in Round 3 during one of Steve's turns. The planet "Moll Primus" is now shown.
01/30/2009 There was also an error in Round 4 during the Status phase. A note has been added indicating that Nicholas had a Dreadnought that was repaired during this step.
04/08/2007 Noted an error in the total Trade Goods count for one of the players during Round 1 after playing the Trade Strategy Card. I did not attempt to correct this, nor any of the pages that follow from this, and just added a note explaining the mistake.
11/25/2006 Spelling error corrections and minor edits of Action Card reference documents.
11/24/2006 Added topic link for Production example.
11/13/2006 Finished Round 5 and 6.
11/10/2006 Finished Round 3. Improved Status Report summary to include political cards and technology cards.
11/07/2006 Progressing on third round including play of a Political Strategy Card in 2-player model.
11/05/2006 Completed second round.
11/04/2006 Completed first round.
10/31/2006 Added notes about changes to Race specific abilities and Action Cards.
10/28/2006 Initial tutorial creation. Based on pages from 3-player tutorial but having it's own unique TI-3 game (obviously). I also tried to make some subtle changes to appearance for the 2-player tutorial.