Power Grid on BSW Walkthrough

These instructions will lead you through how to play a Power Grid game on BrettspielWelt. BrettspielWelt will hereafter be referred to as BSW. The base assumptions here are that you already know how to log on to BSW, have an account there and already know the rules to the board game Power Grid.

Before playing Power Grid it's a good idea to know with certainty the game ending conditions and the conditions that take the game to "Step 2". Since this changes depending on the number of players, here's a handy table of Game Step Conditions for reference.

My approach here will be to play an actual 2-person game on-line and walk you through the steps with screen captures and notes. The screen captures have larger versions to view; just click on each one to see a larger picture. Send questions, comments or other feedback to Steve Wessels. My username on Board Game Geek and BSW is "fastfingers".

The Game Manager

You begin at the Game Manager. If you are uncertain how to get here, type /manager in the text box at the bottom of your BSW window. Games are grouped by categories, shown as treasure chests. The same game can appear in more than one chest. When you hover your cursor over a chest, it tips open.

Note that the featured game is also shown in a picture in the lower right corner. Currently the featured game on BSW is Caylus.

Power Grid is in the Strategy chest. Click once on that chest.

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