I just purchased 3 units of oil and completed the Buy Raw Materials phase. Note that after each person purchases their resources a window pops up momentarily showing exactly what was purchased and the total cost for that player.

With the completion of the resource buying phase, in the very first turn of the game, the player order adjusts. Highest number of cities first. If tied then by highest plant number. Since we both have 0 cities and I just purchased the higher numbered plant (#07), I move to the top of the player order. This re-ordering step after power plant auctioning is unique to the first turn in the game.

My summary table entry shows the #07 power plant colored rectangle in black. My plant burns oil. Divinem shows #04 as brown. My plant #07 has a capacity of powering 2 cities and can hold 6 units of raw materials. I purchased 3 units and Divinem purchased 2.

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