I chose to pass on this plant let "divinem" have it. You can see an abbreviated summary of the power plants that each player owns in the list along the right edge of the game board.

Next to the player name "divinem" the game shows "1/0". This indicates that the player has the power plant capacity to power 1 city (from the plant just purchased). 0 shows how many cities the player has built.

The brown rectangle below that indicates a lot about the power plant just purchased. It is brown because it's a coal burning plant. It's plant #4 and has the capacity to power 1 city. The 0/4 under "store" indicates how much raw materials are stored on the plant. Plant #4 can hold a total of 4 units of coal. The 0 is how many resource units the player has allocated to the plant.

I have selected plant #07 and will purchase it by pressing "OK".

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