You may have noticed when this game was entered that there were some cities populated on the map. These are left over from the previously played game in this room. When we actually start the game the map will be properly reset.

One of the techniques I use to monitor when someone enters the room is to leave the "room" window open as well as the game join/start window. I also like to drag these off the edge of the game map window. Dragging them off to the side causes the windows to detach from the game board window and open up as stand-alone windows.

If you do not have these windows open you can get them by clicking on the menu bar. Click once on the red "pawn" Game icon in the menu bar to open the join/start window. If you click once on the "Room" menu you will open the other window and observe as people enter, remain, and exit the room. The room window shows that I am the only one here.

Another player has entered the room. You can chat with the person using the chat area at the bottom of the game window. It's a common courtesy to ask before you join someone else's game. So expect to see the new player to ask if it's okay to join. Remember, gamers from many nations and languages play on BSW. Not everyone will speak good English. In fact many people you encounter will speak German. Some folks are shy and wait untl asked if they can join.

To join a game the player either clicks once on the "Join" button or types /join.

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