Section 6

The only folder you find directly "inside" the application is named "Contents". I switched the folder view in the Finder to columns view. If you select the "Contents" folder you will see other folders and files inside. The one that interests us is named "Resources". Select that one.

Drag the Squeak.image file we created into the Resources folder.

The other files in here contain the icons and other resources used by the application. For now, we are done with this. Close the Finder window on the "Contents". You will now have just one file in your deployment folder.

If you double-click on that application it launches our Laser Game. The window it opens is pretty large and should be resized. Next time we go back into our development steps we should resize the final window to cause it to be smaller when we save the image.

That's it. There's still a lot of little details to work out, but you have a real Mac OS-X application written in Squeak.

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