Section 6

Launch the new Squeak image in our "Laser Game Deployment" folder. Now turn off flaps and close all the open windows and morphs in the home Squeak world.

Open up FileList from the World open... menu.

Navigate to the Projects folder where you have been saving your Monticello packages as we created the Laser Game. The list, by default, should already be sorted with the newest package file at the top. Select the latest published Laser Game Monticello package.

The lower pane in the File List tool attempts to show the content of the package and of course it's not text so it looks funny. Click once on the "Load" button when your package is selected.

When this step completes, and it will take a little bit of time, you will have installed the Laser Game model and graphics. The unit tests are not installed. We don't want those in our deliverable.

Open up a class browser and go to the LaserGame class. Browse the #prepareApplication class method.

Like we did before in our development image, select the code in the comment and execute. When you get to the prompt box for the new image name, type "Squeak", and Accept.

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