Section 6

There are a few steps left to perform in this section. Add the following class method to LaserGame.

    ^'Really make a stand-alone image?
    Any existing Laser Game morpsh should be closed.
A new one will be re-created by this process.
Important developer tools will be disabled.
The image should be saved a new name as the final step of this process.' translated

We will use this warning message as a reminder to ourselves just before we are about to create the deployment image. Now create the new class method that pulls all of this together.

    "LaserGame prepareApplication"
    (self confirm: self prepareApplicationWarningMessage) ifTrue: [
        (SelectionMenu confirm: self closeAllOpenWindowsMessage) ifFalse: [^ self].
        self closeAllWindows.
        self launchFullWorld.
        self disableFeatures.
        self addApplication.
        SmalltalkImage current saveAs.

Assuming that all of this code has been entered carefully, save the Monticello LaserGame package as version 22.

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