Section 4

You mave noticed that the laser beam did not exactly align with the lines on the target cell when it entered the cell. It's a small error but we should correct it.

We can continue with our modified laser game morph. The actual location of the target cell within the grid is not related to the problem we are trying to solve so we can continue to use it.

From the World menu select "new morph".

From that menu navigate to where you can open up a Magnifier Morph.

Using the halos on that morph I resized it to make it wider and changed the magnification. The magnification menu is found under the red halo menu.

I changed the magnification to x4 and then moved the magnifier to a convenient location on my screen.

Now when you hover the cursor over the target cells, while the laser beam is there, you can see how the beam and target do not perfectly align.

Leave the magnifier around. We'll continue to use it as we develop our laser beam drawing code.

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