Section 4

Now that we have a button, we need to figure out how to create a new randomized game grid.

Add a new class variable to the GridFactory class.

Object subclass: #GridFactory
    instanceVariableNames: ''
    classVariableNames: 'RandomNumberGenerator'
    poolDictionaries: ''
    category: 'Laser-Game-Model'

Make a new class method on GridFactory to initialize our new randomizer if it's being accessed the very first time.

    RandomNumberGenerator isNil ifTrue: [
        RandomNumberGenerator := Random new.
    RandomNumberGenerator seed: Time totalSeconds].

We're going to want a mechanism to re-seed our random number generator in the future. Add the following class method.

    self randomNumberGenerator seed: Time totalSeconds

Here are a bunch of new class methods to handle randomization of components for our game.

emptyRandomLocationsFor: aGrid
    | dict |
    dict := Dictionary new.
    1 to: aGrid numberOfColumns do: [:x |
        1 to: aGrid numberOfRows do: [:y |
            | pt |
            pt := x@y.
            dict at: pt put: false]].
    dict at: 5@1 put: true. "Target Cell"

unusedRandomLocationIn: list forGrid: aGrid
    | x y pt |
    x := self randomNumberGenerator nextInt: aGrid numberOfColumns.
    y := self randomNumberGenerator nextInt: aGrid numberOfRows.
    pt := x@y.
    list at: pt
    ] whileTrue: [].
    list at: pt put: true.

    | int |
    int := self randomNumberGenerator nextInt: 2.
    ^int > 1

    ^self randomBoolean
        ifTrue: [MirrorCell leanLeft]
        ifFalse: [MirrorCell leanRight]

Now we add a new class method that will randomize a given Grid.

randomizeGrid: aGrid
    | emptyList loc howMany |
    emptyList := self emptyRandomLocationsFor: aGrid.
    aGrid at: 5@1 put: TargetCell new.
    howMany := 10.
    howMany timesRepeat: [
        loc := self unusedRandomLocationIn: emptyList forGrid: aGrid.
        aGrid at: loc put: self randomizedMirrorCell]

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