Section 4

Add the following instance methods to our LaserGame class.

    ^self allMorphs detect: [:m | m knownName = 'laserPath'] ifNone: []

    | led |
    led := self findLaserPathCounter.
    led notNil ifTrue: [
        self laserActive
            ifTrue: [led
                highlighted: true;
                value: self grid laserBeamPath size]
            ifFalse: [led
                highlighted: false;
                value: 0]

Modify these methods to update our counter...

    self laserActive
        ifTrue: [self grid stopLaser]
        ifFalse: [self grid fireLaser].
    self drawGameBoard.
    self changed.
    self updateFireButtonLabel.
    self updateCounters.

mouseUp: evt forMorph: aSketchMorph cell: aCell
    | renderer pixelPositionWithinBoard cellForRedraw |
    renderer := CellRenderer rendererFor: aCell grid: self grid form: self boardForm.
    pixelPositionWithinBoard := self boardRelativePositionFor: evt.
    cellForRedraw := renderer mouseUpWithinBoardOffset: pixelPositionWithinBoard.
    self redrawCell: cellForRedraw.
    self drawGameBoard.
    self updateCounters.
    self changed

By clicking the "Fire" button on and off you will see the counter change. Also, when you move a cell the path length changes.

Save your work as version 5.

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