Section 1

We've finished Section 1. To make it easy to verify your progress I've included here an "inventory" of the classes and methods related to this Laser Game development that you should have in your Squeak image at this point.

System Category Class Name Defined Instance Methods Class Methods
Laser-Game-Model BlankCell Yes    
Laser-Game-Model BlankCell   initialize  
Laser-Game-Model BlankCell   initializeExitSides  
Laser-Game-Model Cell Yes    
Laser-Game-Model Cell   activeSegments  
Laser-Game-Model Cell   activeSegments:  
Laser-Game-Model Cell   exitSideFor:  
Laser-Game-Model Cell   exitSides  
Laser-Game-Model Cell   exitSides:  
Laser-Game-Model Cell   initialize  
Laser-Game-Model Cell   initializeActiveSegments  
Laser-Game-Model Cell   isOff  
Laser-Game-Model Cell   isOn  
Laser-Game-Model Cell   isSegmentOnFor:  
Laser-Game-Model Cell   laserEntersFrom:  
Laser-Game-Model Grid Yes    
Laser-Game-Model Grid   at: newOfSize:
Laser-Game-Model Grid   at:put:  
Laser-Game-Model Grid   cells  
Laser-Game-Model Grid   cells:  
Laser-Game-Model Grid   initialize  
Laser-Game-Model Grid   initializeCells  
Laser-Game-Model Grid   laserIsActive  
Laser-Game-Model Grid   laserIsActive:  
Laser-Game-Model Grid   numberOfColumns  
Laser-Game-Model Grid   numberOfColumns:  
Laser-Game-Model Grid   numberOfRows  
Laser-Game-Model Grid   numberOfRows:  
Laser-Game-Model MirrorCell Yes    
Laser-Game-Model MirrorCell   initialize leanLeft
Laser-Game-Model MirrorCell   initializeExitSides leanRight
Laser-Game-Model MirrorCell   isLeft  
Laser-Game-Model MirrorCell   isRight  
Laser-Game-Model MirrorCell   leanLeft  
Laser-Game-Model MirrorCell   leanRight  
Laser-Game-Model MirrorCell   leansLeft  
Laser-Game-Model MirrorCell   leansLeft:  
Laser-Game-Model TargetCell Yes    
Laser-Game-Model TargetCell   initialize  
Laser-Game-Model TargetCell   initializeExitSides  
Laser-Game-Tests BlankCellTestCase Yes    
Laser-Game-Tests BlankCellTestCase   testCellExitSides  
Laser-Game-Tests BlankCellTestCase   testCellLaserActivity  
Laser-Game-Tests BlankCellTestCase   testCellOnState  
Laser-Game-Tests BlankCellTestCase   testCellSegmentsState  
Laser-Game-Tests GridTestCase Yes    
Laser-Game-Tests GridTestCase   generateDemoGrid  
Laser-Game-Tests GridTestCase   testInitialConditions  
Laser-Game-Tests GridTestCase   testNonDefaultGridSizeConditions  
Laser-Game-Tests MirrorCellTestCase Yes    
Laser-Game-Tests MirrorCellTestCase   testCellExitSidesMirrorLeft  
Laser-Game-Tests MirrorCellTestCase   testCellExitSidesMirrorRight  
Laser-Game-Tests MirrorCellTestCase   testCellLaserActivityMirrorLeft  
Laser-Game-Tests MirrorCellTestCase   testCellLaserActivityMirrorRight  
Laser-Game-Tests MirrorCellTestCase   testCellOnState  
Laser-Game-Tests MirrorCellTestCase   testCellSegmentsState  
Laser-Game-Tests TargetCellTestCase Yes    
Laser-Game-Tests TargetCellTestCase   testCellExitSides  
Laser-Game-Tests TargetCellTestCase   testCellLaserActivity  
Laser-Game-Tests TargetCellTestCase   testCellOnState  
Laser-Game-Tests TargetCellTestCase   testCellSegmentsState  

A Change Set of the work up to and including this section is available here . If you've been carefully following along, you do not need the Change Set. If you think you have gotten completely lost, you can open up a File List in Squeak and, after downloading the Change Set, file-in the Change Set to install the proper code.

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