Working in a project

Click once on the new project morph and you will be taken into your new project environment.

All code changes you make from in here will be captured in a ChangeSet having the same name as your project.

We'll make one more appearance change and then do some house-keeping. If you want to skip ahead, go to Using Squeak's FileList tool to copy files from another networked computer and bypass the following environment changes.

From the World->appearance menu choose the "set desktop color..." menu.

You can drag the mouse around inside the color chooser until you get a desktop color you like.

From this point forward we have a starting point for future Squeak projects. We should save this image in this state. From the World menu choose the "save as..."


menu and save your image with a new name. You can then begin from this image at any time by choosing the same image name when you launch Squeak in the future. Note that Squeak creates the pair of files you need to snapshot the current image. In my case the 2 files "sbw.changes" and "sbw.image" were created.

Go on to Using Squeak's FileList tool to copy files from another networked computer.

Back to the beginning of this example.

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