Second Enhancement to File List


Bring the Test Runner window back if you had it minimized. FileListTest should be the only test class selected in the list. Press the "Run One" button.

It worked!. However, we didn't really provide the hook in FileList to do this from the GUI. Adding a menu item will be easy. One of the problems we will need to solve though is, how do we prompt the user for the target directory?

Let's search for what we may be able to use. Open up a Browser. Do a "find class..." and choose a generic class name of "Menu". The following list of choices are presented:

StandardFileMenu looks like a reasonable place to start.

Looking at the class methods, the method #oldFile might work for us. Let's see what it does by trying it in a Workspace. Type this code in a Workspace:

StandardFileMenu oldFile
If you select the whole line and then perform a Command-I (Inspect) you will see both what it does and what it answers by way of an inspector on the result. It looks like you can choose subdirectories and parent directories using this menu.

But it looks like it does not return until you either click off the menu or choose a file from the lower list. If you experiment a bit with it you will see that it answers nil when the user has clicked off the menu, and it answers an instance of a StandardFileMenuResult when a file is chosen.

It's not quite what we need but it's pretty close. Let's go look at the class some more. When I clicked on the "hierarchy" button in the browser I could see that the immediate superclass is SelectionMenu. If you click on that class in the hierarchy browser, and the press the "hierarchy" button again you will get a hierarchy browser on the SelectionMenu class and all it's subclasses.

Let's create a new subclass to handle directory only queries. I created the following class definition in the browser:

StandardFileMenu subclass: #StandardDirectoryMenu
    instanceVariableNames: ''
    classVariableNames: ''
    poolDictionaries: ''
    category: 'Tools-FileList'
Following a pattern similar to the StandardFileMenu class method #oldFile, I created the following class methods on StandardDirectoryMenu:
    ^ self choosePathFrom: FileDirectory default

choosePathFrom: aDirectory
    ^ (self choosePathMenu: aDirectory)
        startUpWithCaption: 'Select a Directory'

choosePathMenu: aDirectory
    Smalltalk isMorphic
        ifFalse: [^ nil].
    ^ self new choosePathFrom: aDirectory

And then on the instance side I created these methods, again following the pattern in the super class.
choosePathFrom: aDirectory
    canTypeFileName := false.
    ^ self makeDirectoryMenuFor: aDirectory

makeDirectoryMenuFor: aDirectory
    ^ self makeFileMenuFor: aDirectory

menuLabelsString: aDirectory
    "Answer a menu labels object corresponding to aDirectory"
    ^ String
        streamContents: [:s |
            s nextPutAll: (self pathPartsString: aDirectory).
            s nextPutAll: (self directoryNamesString: aDirectory).
            s nextPutAll: (self fileNamesString: aDirectory).
            s skip: -1]

menuSelectionsArray: aDirectory
    "Answer a menu selections object corresponding to aDirectory. The object
     is an array corresponding to each item, each element itself constituting
     a two-element array, the first element of which contains a selector to
     operate on and the second element of which contains the parameters
     for that selector."

    | dirSize |
    dirSize := aDirectory pathParts size.
    ^ Array
        streamContents: [:s |
            s nextPut: (StandardFileMenuResult directory: FileDirectory root name: '').
            aDirectory pathParts
                doWithIndex: [:d :i | s
                        nextPut: (StandardFileMenuResult
                                directory: (self advance: dirSize - i containingDirectoriesFrom: aDirectory)
                                name: '')].
            aDirectory directoryNames
                do: [:dn | s
                        nextPut: (StandardFileMenuResult
                                directory: (FileDirectory
                                        on: (aDirectory fullNameFor: dn))
                                name: '')].
            s nextPut: (StandardFileMenuResult directory: aDirectory name: nil)]

startUpWithCaption: aString at: location
    | result |
    result := super superStartUpWithCaption: aString at: location.
    result ifNil: [^ nil].
    result isDirectory
        ifTrue: [self makeDirectoryMenuFor: result directory.
            self computeForm.
            ^ self startUpWithCaption: aString at: location].
    ^ result
The #startUpWithCaption: method presents an interesting problem. We need to "get around" the method in the super class. So a new instance method was created on the class StandardFileMenu...
superStartUpWithCaption: aString at: location
^ super startUpWithCaption: aString at: location

Go back to the Workspace window and let's test the new menu. Type this code in the Workspace, select it and then perform a Command-I (Inspect) execute and inspect the result:

StandardDirectoryMenu choosePath
From the opened inspector on your result, choose "browse class" from the inspector's menu to allow us to browse the class of the result while looking at it's contents.

From the browser we see there is a #directory method available. To test it out, perform a "self directory" and examine the results to see what this object returns. This is what I see:

UnixFileDirectory on '/home/steve/dev/squeak/myWork/evaluating'
That's the path to the directory I selected. We can use this method in our FileList class.

Here is the instance method we can use in FileList.

    | result |
    listIndex = 0
        ifTrue: [^ self].
    (result := StandardDirectoryMenu choosePath)
        ifNotNil: [self copySelectedFileToDirectory: result directory]
We need to include our new item in the menu. Here's the code pieces that were modified to include references to our new #copySelectedFileToNewLocation method.

Open up a File List and test this feature manually.

Continue on to the next page of second FileList enhancement.

Back to the beginning of this example.

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