From the empty desktop of the Squeak window, choose "appearance..." and then choose "preferences..." from the World menu.




This will open up the Preferences window.


From here we will choose several Preferences and modify them. Preferences are grouped into categories in this window. Choose the category by clicking once on one of the category names in the light blue pane at the top of the window. These categories links behave as index tabs in a notebook and cause the related preference pane to appear in the lower portion of the window.

Choose "browsing" from the Preferences categories and make your preferences list look like mine. You can click once on any of the radio buttons in the lower pane to toggle that option on or off.


I usually turn off the "fileout" preference to use changeset version numbers. I prefer seeing the date-time-stamp in my filed out change sets. We'll talk more about this later.


I like to turn on the "menu color from world" option in the "menus" preference.


In the "projects" preferences I like to turn off "project views in windows". This will make new project windows appear in a project view morph. When we create a new project this will make more sense to you. It is a cosmetic change however, just like the others here.  But we're almost done.


In Squeak I actually prefer the "flyout" scrollbars and I like them on the left side of panes. So for "scrolling" preferences I make these changes.


Close the Preferences window.

Go on to Change Sets and Projects.

Back to the beginning of this example.