First Enhancement to File List


How Squeak Manages Your Project Code

Earlier, I described change sets as how Squeak groups every smalltalk code change you make. Change Sets are also matched to the current Project.

Use the following menus to open up a Change Sorter.
World menu:    Changes menu:

Choose "simple change sorter" and the change sorter browser will open

The list pane on the top left contains a sorted collection of change sets that Squeak knows. The most recent entries are at the top. You can see that the change set for our "FileList-mods" project is at the top of the list.

The pane on the right lists all classes that are either modified or have methods that were modified as part of this change set. The FileList class appears in that list as expected, when our "FileList-mods" change set is selected.

When you select the FileList class, the methods included with this change set are shown. If you select the new #copyJustFileName method entry. more information is presented. The narrow text band is the annotation for this method. You can see the initials of who edited the method, when it was last modified, the method category it belongs to, how many other implementors there are with the same name in Squeak, and which change set the selected method definition is part of. The bottom pane shows the method source.

If you select the #itemsForAnyFile method entry, it's fields will update in the same manner. From the menu available in the list pane containing the method names, you can select the "versions..." menu entry. A new window of method versions appears.

The versions that Squeak knows about for this method are listed, most recent on the top. When you select the version that you made, the code pane shows how the method differs from the previous version. The code pane shows the new code in red.

Close the versions browser. Focusing on the change sorter again, pop up the menu associated with the list of change sets in the upper left pane

The menu will look like this:
You can see there are some operations that can be performed on the change set itself. Choose "add preamble...". A prompter will appear asking for your name.
At this point the lower pane contains "meta data" about the change set, the name of the change set, the date it was created and your name. The section < your descriptive text goes here> should be replaced with meaningful narrative describing the purpose of this change set and what another developer would want to know about it before using it. Here's what I wrote for this development example:

"Change Set: FileList-mods
Date: 14 April 2003
Author: Stephan B. Wessels

Added a simple enhancement where the file name of the selected file
can be copied to the clipboard. There is an existing menu operation
which supports copying the whole file name path to the clipboard and
this was left alone."

Choose "file out..." from the change set menu. This will cause the contents of this change set to be written to your Squeak default working directory. Your default working directory is where the squeak image file is found.

Let's use FileList and go see what it did. Close the change sorter and open a FileList.

On my system, it created the file "FileList-mods.14Apr1949.cs". (I'll bet you know exactly how I got that file name for pasting into this HTML document). Note that the filename created is the change set name, the date and time the change set was created, and has an extension of ".cs". One of the options we changed in Preferences was to not use version numbers on fileouts. If that option were enabled, then the file name would have a number where the date-time stamp is located in the file name. When the change sorter detects another fileout with the same change set name, it bumps the number by 1 before filing out.

With this technique of creating change set files of the source code modifications, you can actually give this change set to another Squeak developer and they could install your code. The file is selected in the FileList and then "installed". There are 3 buttons on the FileList browser that should be mentioned.

The "filein" button will install the selected file into whatever your current working change set might be.

The "code" button will open up a code browser on the file without actually installing the code. This can be handy when you want to make an evaluation about installing the file or not. You can actually file in portions of the selected change set when this tool is used.

The "install" button will take the selected file and actually create a new change set, using the selected file information, and install that file's code into the new change set. Most often this is actually the behavior you want.

Go on to Writing SUnit to test our code.

Back to the beginning of this example.

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