First Enhancement to File List


We may not be done yet. Go back to the #copyName method. When you click on the "senders" button you will see the following menu. It lists the selector name for the method itself at the top of the menu list. The other entries in the menu list are the names of other method selectors found inside the selected method. Choose the selector name "copyName" itself since we want to see all senders of this method. The following window reporting all methods that send #copyName is shown:

There's only two in the FileList class, and we already examined #itemsForAnyFile. Choose the #perform:orSendTo: method from the list. I had to turn the colorPrint option off on this browser too.

Looks like we should add our new method name to this method's code. Here's my new method.

Let's see if it works as expected. Open a FileList and navigate over onto our remote FTP server. Go to the directory that has the files we want to review and select one.

Choose our new "copy just name to clipboard" menu item and paste the contents of the clipboard into a Workspace. Here's what I got:

That's perfect.

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